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The Force Unleashed

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Name Number Rarity Details # $
Cloud Car Pilot 049 C Mint English 1 0.49
Hoth Trooper with Repeating Blaster Cannon 010 U Mint English 1 3.93
Imperial Navy Trooper 037 C Mint English 4 1.49
Junk Golem 051 U Mint English 2 4.80
Luke Skywalker and Yoda 014 VR Mint English 1 7.08
Muun Tactics Broker 054 C Mint English 1 0.49
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Unleashed 018 R Mint English 1 5.49
Rebel Trooper on Tauntaun 022 R Mint English 1 5.24
Snowtrooper 039 C Mint English 1 1.74
Stormtrooper 041 U Mint English 1 2.00
TIE Crawler 042 U Mint English 1 4.37

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