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These links will show you the price we are paying for the item.


Click here to see buylists by set and make the invoice.


Click Here to see all items from an entire list on one page for all information in one place.


Click here to search buylist by item name.




PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE BUYLISTS BELOW. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY LEAD TO US RETURNING YOUR ORDER AT YOUR EXPENSE(This will be an item kept that is priced at the buylist price of the item of our return postage costs and handling fees).


Rules & Regulations -


Any and all sell to invoices must be at least $15, orders below $15 WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.


Orders MUST arrive within 7 days of being made in order for us to complete them. Orders that arrive later may be sent back at our discretion and at your expense.


Our desired quantity of ANY item means exactly that. For example, if we need 4 of a certain item, DO NOT make multiple invoices and or send more than 4 of said item. This is because the desired quantity will not change until we check in the 4 that we needed.


Be sure to include a copy of your invoice with instructions on how you want to be paid (either by check or Paypal) and a contact number with your order. If you dont have a way to print the invoice, include a handwritten note with name, order number and how  you would like to be paid.


All shipping fees and costs associated with selling to us must be taken care of by the seller. You pay all shipping costs and all of our buy prices are net delivered to us.


Buying and selling can be done on the same order. You do not need to make two separate invoices for buying and selling. However, you need to make sure that you do not have a balance of $0.00 because our system will attempt to make you pay $0.00, which is obviously not possible. Just be sure that either we owe you, or you owe us at least $0.01.


Making a "Sell To" Order -


Please make sure your items are in the desired condition, from the desired set, of the desired type and come complete with any cards and or accessories before sending them to us.


EXAMPLE: If you click "Sell to Us" for a Near Mint Foil Jace, Memory Adept from M13 we will ONLY accept what is listed. We will NOT accept a Normal Jace, Memory Adept from M13, nor will we accept a Foil Jace, Memory Adept from M14 or M12.


Invoicing the correct card can be especially tricky with Yugioh, because there are several different types of cards - Normal, Ultimate, Ghost, Mosaic and Starfoil. A Near Mint Normal card would mean anything that isn't Ultimate, Ghost, Mosaic or Starfoil.


Our Yugioh buy list also includes both 1st Edition and Unlimited cards, so pay extra attention when searching for Yugioh cards by name. Finally, Yugioh has several cards that have been reprinted in numerous sets. If you are not sure which set your card is from, a good rule of thumb (for all of the games we buy and sell) is to make sure the card number matches the number of the card you would like to invoice.



EXAMPLE: You search our buy list for Mermail Abyssmegalo and ONLY "Near Mint Normal 1st Edition English Mermail Abyssmegalo from Abyss Rising" pops up. This means that we will not accept a "Near Mint Normal 1st Edition English Mermail Abyssmegalo from Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants."




Packaging Your Order -



Please pack items so they arrive safely.


Please do not over tape with thick packing tape. We need to be able to safely remove items.




All items sold to us must be sorted in the order they appear on your invoice. IF THEY ARE NOT SORTED, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A SORTING FEE BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF TIME IT TOOK TO PROCESS YOUR ORDER.


Card orders should be packed securely in boxes and in the same order that they appear on your invoice.


EXAMPLE: You are selling 40 Magic cards and 20 Yugioh cards. The Magic and Yugioh cards should be sorted EXACTLY in the order they appear on the invoice. Pay attention to card types such as Foil and Ultimate.


What To Expect After We Have Processed Your Order -


If you provided a valid email address, you will be sent a notification email stating that your order has been received. You will also get an email when your order has been processed and finally, once it has been shipped.


Orders are typically processed within a day of receiving them. We are typically sending all payments within 24-48 hours of receipt on business days. There will be exceptions when we are travelling to show and or have a huge incoming volume of sell to orders. In those cases payments will go within 14 days at worst.


In rare instances, we can refuse to buy and raise or lower buy prices at our discretion. OUR PRICES ARE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED AN OFFER TO BUY. We reserve the right to return any cards for any reason at our expense. This is rare, and 99.9% of the time orders that have arrived within the 7 day window and were properly packaged are paid in full. This is merely to protect us from database glitches, typographical errors and or huge jumps or decrease in pricces due to banned list changes etc. If a card is banned or unbanned, there is a chance cards will not be accepted until we have had time to change pricing. Dont race to sell us items based on banned lists as this is the most common reason for returned items.


Dropping off Orders in Store -

If you are local or just passing through and want to drop off the items you are selling at our store, you may do so. We can not necessarily process your order immediately in store. Many times we are busy handling customers. In store drop offs will work just like mailed in orders in that they will be processed and paid next business day via paypal. Make sure to leave your paypal account to pay when dropping off.


Still have questions about selling? Send further inquiries to


Telephone: 281-484-7875

Fax: 281-484-7233


Shipping Address -

10904 Scarsdale #245

Houston, TX 77089





Click here to go to buylist pages where you will see what we will pay for your items.  

Click here to search buylist by item name.

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