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Alliance and Empire

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Name Number Rarity Details # $
Advance Scout 059 C Mint English 4 0.49
Ewok Hang Glider 042 R Mint English 1 3.93
Human Force Adept 045 C Mint English 2 0.60
Imperial Governor Tarkin 029 R Mint English 2 3.40
Mon Calamari Tech Specialist 014 C Mint English 2 0.60
Princess Leia 016 R Mint English 3 3.23
Rebel Leader 019 U Mint English 1 0.49
Snivvian Fringer 053 C Mint English 2 0.69
Storm Commando 033 R Mint English 5 8.09
Stormtrooper 034 C Mint English 3 0.49
Twilek Rebel Agent 022 U Mint English 2 0.49
Yomi Carr 060 R Mint English 1 1.57

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