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Tyranny of Dragons

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Name Number Rarity Details # $
Bugbear 21 U Mint English 3 5.17
Copper Dragon 32 U Mint English 3 4.63
Doppleganger 15 U Mint English 5 1.43
Gargoyle 40 R Mint English 4 4.62
Human Cult of the Dragon Enforcer 20 U Mint English 3 3.51
Human Female Barbarian 13 C Mint English 20 0.49
Human Female Ranger 48 C Mint English 1 5.85
Human Red Wizard 19 U Mint English 1 2.96
Human Zhentarim Bandit 11 C Mint English 3 2.67
Lightfoot Halfling Rogue (Invisible) 51i R Mint English 4 1.61
Movanic Deva Angel 38 R Mint English 1 3.97
Northlands Fighter (Invisible) 50i R Mint English 4 2.13
Quickling 3 C Mint English 17 1.61
Rock Gnome Female Wizard 1 C Mint English 4 1.61
Stone Giant Elder 26 U Mint English 13 2.41
Stout Heart Halfling Female Bard 2 C Mint English 8 1.43
Stout Heart Halfling Female Bard (Invisible) 02i R Mint English 2 1.26
Sun Elf Female Wizard (Invisible) 49i R Mint English 3 1.61
Sun Elf Guard 9 C Mint English 1 1.13
Svirfneblin Fighter 4 C Mint English 13 0.75
Wraith 23 U Mint English 3 2.96

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