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The Lost Coast

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Name Number Rarity Details # $
Small Air Elemental 003 C Mint English 8 2.49
Small Water Elemental 006 C Mint English 9 2.49
Squealy Nord 009 C Mint English 14 1.89
Etainia 036 R Mint English 1 3.49
Justice Ironbriar 037 R Mint English 1 4.49
Large Bronze Dragon 044 R Mint English 2 10.99
Lord Mayor Grobaras 038 R Mint English 1 7.99
Pazuzu 042 R Mint English 1 17.99
The Forest Shadow 040 R Mint English 3 9.99
Thelsikar 039 R Mint English 3 5.99
Brodert Quink 019 U Mint English 5 2.49

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