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Star Trek Away Team Original Series

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Name Number Rarity Details # $
Andorian 013 C Mint Normal English 10 0.49
Ensign Chekov 007 C Mint Normal English 29 0.49
Klingon Bekk 002 C Mint Normal English 26 0.49
Klingon Lieutenant 008 C Mint Normal English 25 0.49
Lokai 004 C Mint Normal English 38 0.49
Lt. Kyle 006 C Mint Normal English 27 0.49
Nurse Chapel 009 C Mint Normal English 28 0.49
Romulan Centurion 001 C Mint Normal English 24 0.49
Romulan Lieutenant 010 C Mint Normal English 24 0.49
Starfleet Security Officer 003 C Mint Normal English 10 0.49
Talosian 005 C Mint Normal English 27 0.49
Tellarite 011 C Mint Normal English 29 0.49
Lt. Sulu 050 Chase Mint Normal English 1 49.99
Horta 035 R Mint Normal English 8 3.99
Klingon Commander 028 R Mint Normal English 11 3.19
Koloth 034 R Mint Normal English 6 3.19
Lt. Uhura 029 R Mint Normal English 4 3.19
Mr. Spock 027 R Mint Normal English 3 3.99
Mr. Spock 036 R Mint Normal English 1 5.59
Romulan Subcommander 030 R Mint Normal English 5 2.39
Charlie X 037 SR Mint Normal English 6 9.59
Ruk 042 SR Mint Normal English 5 7.99
Trelane 044 SR Mint Normal English 2 23.99
Uhura 038 SR Mint Normal English 3 13.59
Yarnek 046 SR Mint Normal English 5 10.39
Bele 017 U Mint Normal English 23 0.49
Dr. McCoy 020 U Mint Normal English 17 0.99
Klingon Captain 021 U Mint Normal English 20 0.79
Korax 015 U Mint Normal English 14 0.49
Lt. Leslie 025 U Mint Normal English 9 0.49
Lt. Sulu 019 U Mint Normal English 16 0.49
Mr. Scott 016 U Mint Normal English 18 0.49
Romulan Commander 014 U Mint Normal English 17 0.49
Romulan Legionnaire 023 U Mint Normal English 5 0.49
The Keeper 018 U Mint Normal English 24 0.49
Yeoman Rand 022 U Mint Normal English 16 0.49

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